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Bag Filling

Packaging is very crucial step in the rice industry as the good packaging provides not only convenient handling in transportation and storage but also keep intact the flavour of rice. In the rice industry, the packaging is done in order to avoid spoilage and to prolong the quality of rice. Our packaging support to the industry is enough for the entire packaging process starting from filling bags till their sealing.

Rice mills see a wide application of packaging machines in their processing unit. In order to ensure long term storage of the rice, there has to be an excellent packaging solution for it, particularly in case of Basmati and non-parboiled rice as they tend to lose their freshness quite early. Apart from all this, packaging is very much in sync with the labelling and branding and today, the present scenario demands superb branding and labelling of rice that is meant for export especially.

Tasks Performed in the Rice packaging
Based on the requirements and variety of rice packaging, there are ample of packaging machine models available in our entire line. There is a unique machine for specific packaging process:

Pouch or bag filling
Sealing of pouches/bags
Labelling and coding

Performance & Accuracy
The rice is packed in different packaging weights that are fully supported by our packaging machines. An advanced technology is implemented in the packaging solution that ensures complete flexibility in the packaging process depending upon the packs.

Complete Process of Rice Packaging
The pouches and bags are brought to filling machines where rice in accurate mass is filled
Filled bags and pouches are then transferred through conveyors
Sealing machines are then responsible for tight and secure sealing of pouches
Bags are sealed by activating the pre-applied hot melt adhesive, folding the top flap against the face of the bag and compressing to set the closure
Bags are then further transferred through palletizing machines

Technology Support

There is complete flexibility in our packaging line that helps the rice industry in packing rice in variety of packaging styles. The advantages of the technology implemented in the packaging solution are as follows:

Reduces over-head of workers
High skills are not required
Complete packaging process in one got
Fully automatic
Rice packaging free from dust
Safe and tamper proof sealing of rice bags and pouches